We created Shoo Shoo, Baby with a very specific thing in mind. People are what make bars and restaurants what they are. Plain and simple. We are nothing without our guests.

We also wanted to create a bar that embraced the power of femininity. So many bars these days seem to be built for dudes. We just wanted to make a place that women feel empowered and celebrated, all the while men feel at home to have drinks with their best bro's.

We love what we do, and we are proud to serve Los Angeles. Bars can be intimate, loud, mysterious, fun, sexy, alive, and the best place to come together.

We love it all. Spirits, wine, beer, the craft movement, and well thought out, fun food. Yet we never forget that what matters most are our guests and their experience.

We are inspired by a time when WW2 had just ended and the people in the streets of New York City were helplessly kissing and celebrating life. What a time to be in a bar!

We are doing everything we can to create that same joy today with our love and appreciation of hospitality and service.

We go to bars because we need each other. Time has proven this.

We believe in less texting and more connecting.

We believe in creating moments that change us.

We believe the pendulum is swinging back in time.

Welcome to Shoo Shoo, Baby.